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Guilds and Groups

Linda Miller Embroideries
For Guilds, Groups, friends and individuals
Talk and Slide Show   In Stitches
Whilst showing colour slides of my embroidery pieces, I explain how the pieces are made, the influences, and stories behind them. An informative and delightful insight into my work.
In Stitches lasts and hour and the only requirement asked for is a pale wall or projector screen.
Talk and slide show  £95 not including travel (max £50) and overnight accommodation if necessary
*Talks with the slide show will increase to £125 for 2018 bookings*
Workshop   Pictorial  Machine Embroidery
Both the Making pictures in free machine embroidery and the 3D Machine embroidery workshops are designed for either the novice or the more confident stitcher who wishes to explore the numerous techniques and textures created by threads and stitch, not to mention the delight of sewing and working with colour to create beautiful and exciting machine embroidery pictures and pieces.
One day Machine Embroidery Workshop; £250 not including travel (max £50) and overnight accommodation if necessary
Friends and One to One Bespoke Workshops
Do you fancy getting a group of friends together and inviting Linda to host your very own machine embroidery workshop around your kitchen table or in your local community centre?
 £195 per group. Maximum travel cost £50  not including travel (max £50) and overnight accommodation if necessary Linda also offers one-to-one machine embroidery teaching in her Studio.
A bespoke workshop for you £90 for three hours with tea/coffee and home made cake.
Please Email or phone for more details 
One-day Workshops will increase to £250 for 2018 bookings
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